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What’s happening with Ed? What’s happening with Ed? What’s happening with Ed?
Copyright 2014 Edward J. McFadden III
Friday  6 | 6 | 2014 Crossroad Press is happy to announce the release of Ed's third novel, Hoaxers. NOW available in Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook! (Audio coming soon!) Kearny and Donny MacGregor are famous hoaxers whose lineage can be traced to a long line of conmen and tricksters. Hours before the brothers perform a successful crop circle hoax, they are approached about creating an earth light hoax for the mayor of Stony Creek, the Bigfoot capital of northern California. Earth light is a general term used to describe unknown lights in the sky, and the mayor of Stony Creek believes that this second "phenomenon" will help pull the town from its revenue slump. After several successful earth light hoaxes, a loose group of truth seekers forms, led by Sheriff Nicki Stanford and local Bigfoot debunker Possum, and the chase is on. GET YOUR COPY NOW! Friday  5 | 23 | 2014 After more than ten years away from the editing game, Ed has edited a fiction anthology called Lucky 13: Thirteen Tales of Crime & Mayhem. Get your copy NOW!   Your luck can change  in an instant. A flip of a coin can ruin a life, or change it for the better. But is luck real? A random blip in the space time continuum? The wrath or favor of a higher power? Is it magic? Is it just a matter of numbers and probability? Can it be controlled? Luck is elusive, a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Luck is Relative. Good luck. Bad luck. Hard luck. Your luck can run out, or you can luck out. Is luck truly a lady? TAKE A CHANCE... With these thirteen tales of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and everything in between as talented writers from every conceivable genre weave tales of luck. What it means to them, and more importantly, the world at large. Tales by Trent Zelazny, Jessica McHugh, Matt Schiariti, Sarah A. Hoyt, Brady Allen, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Patrick Thomas, Robert E. Waters, g. Elmer Munson, Diane Raetz, Georgina Morales, John L. French, and Michael Laimo. The odds of reading a great story are in your favor. But the age old question remains... do you feel lucky? Friday  4 | 4 | 2014 Edward J. McFadden III | Interview Edward J. McFadden III Is another one of  those exceptional authors The Daily Bookworm has the privilege to interview for you. We thank Edward  for taking time away from his busy day and allowing us to distract him from working on his current project for our interview. TDBW: When did you start writing? Edward: I don't recall exactly when I started writing, but my first memory of writing anything substantial was in my first year of college. I took a...read the entire interview here. Friday  4 | 4 | 2014 Some love from Ed's home town paper, The Bayport-Blue Point Gazette. Monday  3 | 24 | 2014 Great review of Ed's story Counting Sheep Among the Stars in Apocalypse 13 at True Review! From the review: "These are the best of the 13: Counting Sheep Among the Stars by Edward J. McFadden  III. The crew of the International Space Station has nearly run out of supplies in addition to any hope, many months after some type of planet-wide catastrophe down on Earth. Out of food and supplies, the crew must jettison from the station, hoping to land near the site of an anomaly that is ripping apart space-time - where they learn the history of the anomaly. Apparently the disaster was the result of an experiment with the Large Hadron Collider at the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (French for the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva, Switzerland) or CERN Complex that went wrong. Remnant groups of humanity have survived the aberrant singularity only to find themselves hunted down by strange ultra- dimensional "beasts." Can the crew of the space station close the rip in space- time before Earth is ultimately lost?" Friday  3 | 21 | 2014 Ed's story Breaking Down appeared in Vol 9., Iss #3 of Tales of the Talisman Magazine. READ IT NOW! Thursday  2 | 13 | 2014 Some nice reviews of  Anywhere But Here  from Luke's Reviews  and AudioBook Reviewer. Monday  2 | 3 | 2014 Get Issue #10 of Encounters Magazine for FREE! It contains Ed's short story, Correction Protocol. Friday  12 | 20 | 2013 Padwolf Publishing has announced a huge Christmas SALE! Get Our Dying Land, Anywhere But Here, and a slew of other titles for only 99cents! Friday  10 | 18 | 2013 There is a dead zone in Arizona the size of Rhode Island, and no one can figure out what caused it. On the fringe of the dead zone, Adan Drengle lives on his almond farm alone, preferring the company of plants to that of people. Adan has a very unique gift: he can commune with plants, communicate and exchange physical life energy. He could see the world as plants do. But the land was dying. Why? How soon? These are the questions that constantly tormented him because if he didn't commune with plants, he would die. When Adan is confronted by his neighbors because his farm is flourishing while theirs wither and die, he is forced to reveal some of his secrets. This leads him on a quest to find The Heart. Adan soon learns that the time has come to fight for the land, and those he loves. Praise for OUR DYING LAND: "Our Dying Land is a thrilling dark fantasy with a unique premise and intriguing characters. Eco-horror at its finest! - Tim Waggoner, author of BONE WHISPERS "Our Dying Land is not a standard fantasy quest: author McFadden blends in hints of his own background writing horror, as well as science fictional tropes. The whole combines to give a satisfying view of what may be lurking just under our feet." --SFscope.com "Our Dying Land has a nice blend of mystic realism, hard sf, and fantasy elements that work well together to drive a thoroughly SFnal plot. A socially relevant book that still manages to be entertaining." - Bud Sparhawk Monday  9 | 23 | 2013 "Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!" They have fought for us for centuries, not because of the ideals of service to King and Country, but out of unwavering loyalty and devotion to their human Masters. The future, it would seem, is no better than the past, as some animals become expendable weapons, or augmented semi-machines, while others receive the honor and dignity of being treated as fellow soldiers. In tribute, we bring you seventeen new stories of our animal comrades-in-arms. Read Ed's story Friendly Fire NOW! Friday  8 | 16 | 2013 The Black Death of Babylon  and Anywhere But Here are now available at Audible.com. Both books were read by the immensely talented Jack DeGolia. Friday  4 | 19 | 2013 Ed's short story Sins of Our Mother was featured in the 2013  Halloween edition of Gothic Blue Book. Saturday  5 | 11 | 2013 More than 75 Long Islanders braved the break in the thunder storms May 11 to attend the Wine & Sign Event at Loughlin Vineyard, in Sayville, and to listen to live music by Bill Shuren, and meet local authors Roy Mauritsen, Patrick Thomas, and Edward J. McFadden III. Guests sampled Loughlin's varied inventory of wines - while talking literature, and listening to the tunes of local musician Bill Shuren. Edward J. McFadden III was signing his thriller The Black Death of Babylon. Friday  4 | 19 | 2013 Padwolf Publishing, Inc. has announced the release date for Ed's new dark SF/F thriller Our Dying Land. Paperback and eBook editions will be released on October 18th, 2013. Sunday  3 | 31 | 2013 FUTURE EARTH Will it evolve into a unified utopia where anything is  possible? Or will it topple into chaos and fear? What does it mean to be human? How will alien invasion shape the very nature of our ecology? Can overpopulation lead to long, long nights of anxious sleep? How will advancements in multimedia affect future politics and propaganda? How will crime be investigated and solved when time is no barrier? How will the common man deal with the apocalypse? And how will displaced humans-returning home from centuries in space-view that which they left behind?  Join us as some of the best science fiction and fantasy authors today tackle these questions and more in thirteen stories about the future of our wondrous and delicate blue planet. FANTASTIC FUTURES 13. Read Ed's story The Long Night. Fantastic Futures 13 is now available. Friday  3 | 22 | 2013  For some, death is not the end. There are those who are doomed to walk the earth for all eternity, those who are trapped between one plain of existence and the next, those who, for whatever reason, cannot or will not let go of the lives they left behind. These are the vengeful spirits, the tortured souls, the ghosts that haunt our realm. Welcome to FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, a collection of 19 original ghost stories. Read Ed's story A Stitch In Time Saves Nine.  Wednesday  2 | 6 | 2013 ANYWHERE BUT HERE to be released April 5th, 2013, as a Single by Padwolf Publishing. What would you do if your son and his dog disappeared into a rip in space-time? You would follow. Join Willie as he races across the pathways of time and space to save his son, and possibly the universe. But causality cops, a hoard of zombies, a cosmic junkyard, Blue Heaven, and the Intron all stand in his way. The fabric that holds everything together is in danger of ripping, and if time falls out of sequence, everything will be lost.   Tuesday  1 | 1 | 2013 Ed will be editing a book of short stories called Lucky 13: Thirteen tales of Crime and Mayhem. The book is scheduled to be released in 2014. Tuesday  12 | 25 | 2012 Apocalypse 13 hit #1 during its free promotion! Monday  11 | 26 | 2012 Deconstructing Tolkien was the #1 best seller in SF Literary Criticism during its free promotion, and rose as high as #3 on the paid Amazon best sellers list. See SFscope and SFsignal. Wednesday  10 | 24 | 2012 Several cool press clippings for Ed's novel The Black Death of Babylon: Sayville-Bayport Patch, SFScope, Bay Shore Town News. Friday  10 | 12 | 2012 Ed has sold stories to the anthologies: From Beyond the Grave from Grinning Skull Press, and Defending the Future: Dogs of War from Dark Quest LLC. Monday  10 | 1 | 2012 Post Mortem Press is pleased to announce the release of Edward J. McFadden's first novel The Black Death of Babylon. Some advance praise for The Black Death of Babylon: The story is beautifully written-this allows seasoned fans of mystery, horror, and SF to find this book irresistibly hard to put down. --Michael Laimo, author of DEAD SOULS and DEEP IN THE DARKNESS. A fun, dark, globe-hopping adventure that's part action thriller, part mystery, and part atmospheric horror tale." --Tom Piccirilli, multiple International Thriller & Bram Stoker award-winning author of THE LAST KIND WORDS. Don Oberbier investigated anomalies, but he had never encountered one as powerful as the Black Death of Babylon. When a Professor at prestigious Babylon University snaps and starts killing people with the disease, Don has the campus quarantined. He learns that the universities alumni directory contains a list of those to be murdered, and the investigation picks up speed as Don tries to catch the killer before everyone on the list is infected. Sunday  8 | 5 | 2012 Padwolf Publishing will be re-releasing Ed's book Deconstructing Tolkien as an eBook to coincide with the release of the first Hobbit film. It contains new material pertaining to the Hobbit films, and the immensely talented Roy Mauritsen gave the old cover a facelift. DECONSTRUCTING TOLKIEN has something to offer just about everyone, no matter where your particular passions may lie. In this collection of essays, stories, discourses, and tributes, Ed McFadden has gathered together a wide range of topics, perspectives, and outlooks on some of the most intriguing factors concerning THE LORD OF THE RINGS. LORD OF THE RINGS is a masterpiece that can be examined and re- examined through the course of one's life. The complex narrative, written with nonlinear gambits, plot-twists, stratagems, and a fusion of secondary stories, offer themselves up to continual review and analysis." -from the introduction by Tom Piccirilli, author of THE LAST KIND WORDS, two time International Thriller award winner, and four time Bram Stoker award winner. Friday  04 | 13 | 2012 Ed's novelette "Starwisps" is in the superb anthology Fantastic Stories of the Imagination. Several positive reviews have already appeared at Flamesrising.com, SFScope.com, and Tangent Online. Go get your copy now! "Fantastic Stories of the Imagination is Warren Lapine's new anthology, taking an SF magazine sensibility into the anthology market. He brings 14 very diverse stories by a wide range of authors from great masters such as Mike Resnick and Harlan Elision to more recent discoveries (at least to me). These stories do not disappoint. In reviewing the ones below I applied my peculiar standard which is that it matters little whether I personally like a story but rather whether I felt the author was successful at telling their story. Likes vary too much. Still I am pleased to report there were no stories that I didn't like, this was a strong field worthy of Churchill Downs and no nags started this race. Starwisps by Edward J McFadden. This tale takes us off our Earth for the first time into a fantasy world with an unlikely airship called the airscrew and Prince trying to save his people. This loosely Steampunk tale put me in mind of the works of Jack Vance in the Dying Sun series though less cynical and bitter. In the end it is the tale of a Prince and a Commoner there is a chance of happily ever after and they have a dog. What more could you ask for?" -SFReader.com
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